A/An vs Some/Any Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 13,237

  • 1. It's good to see a man again.
  • 2. Only there wasn't any wind.
  • 3. After an hour she again heard him.
  • 4. But we didn't ask questions.
  • 5. I think I am in good way.
  • 6. But I've written letters.
  • 7. My story took time to tell.
  • 8. It was moments before he replied.
  • 9. I can make tea in five minutes.
  • 10. This man hasn't done real harm.
  • 11. It just hasn't strength.
  • 12. I wasn't taking chances.
  • 13. He had been there long time.
  • 14. He had not given such orders.
  • 15. However, we found place for every thing.
  • 16. It will come to end some day.
  • 17. Again, I must not give answer.
  • 18. But this morning she had idea.
  • 19. But this is only part of the work.
  • 20. I have not seen one for days.

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