A An Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. You have an eye, you have an eye.
  • 2. And a very good way it was.
  • 3. However, I will give you idea.
  • 4. But in moment he began again.
  • 5. In hour I'll talk to you.
  • 6. Again, I must not give answer.
  • 7. He really hadn't idea.
  • 8. And it looked good place to go.
  • 9. It had been part of his own life.
  • 10. It was not house they found.
  • 11. In those few moments he lived age.
  • 12. This cannot be done in day.
  • 13. His interest in life was at end.
  • 14. In instant I was business man.
  • 15. Don't you say word.
  • 16. It hadn't been this way for long time.
  • 17. Let this matter be for hour.
  • 18. We just couldn't do thing.
  • 19. It's good to see man again.
  • 20. But it isn't so with man.

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