About Grammarism

Grammarism is a website on which you can practice English grammar online and download printable PDF worksheets. It's completely free to use. The platform provides a diverse range of interactive quizzes and printable worksheets that encompass various English grammar topics, such as present simple and relative clauses. Each test is slightly more challenging than the previous one, offering a gradual learning experience. All the exercises are automatically generated using sentences from public domain books. These exercises and worksheets are suitable for self-study, commercial purposes such as writing books, supplementary classroom activities, and teaching materials.

There is only one person a very small team behind the project. It was conceptualized in August 2019 and underwent a 2.5-year journey to bring it to life, with the official release on January 17th, 2022. Initially named Zentence, the project symbolized its commitment to simplicity by blending "zen" and "sentence" to create "zentence." Over time, the name evolved to Sentense, a fusion of "sentence" and "tense," encapsulating the core essence of its purpose.

If the .com domain hadn't been taken, you would have been reading this text on sentense.com. However, the name Grammarism aligns more closely with the philosophy of the project, which revolves around a data-driven approach to English learning and teaching. Grammarism integrates elements of statistics, linguistics, natural language processing, programming, and machine learning. We have an exciting array of new features already planned, aimed at further enhancing the English learning/teaching experience.

It is absolutely thrilling that the project has reached you! I genuinely hope you find it incredibly useful. Please don't hesitate to contact us at any time, for any reason. Let's dive into discussions and collaboratively shape its future direction. Together, we can make English learning and teaching an effortless, accessible, and automated experience, ultimately saving much time and effort.

Grammarism was previously being created in bestmenland, a tiny town where people used to be kind and happy.

Grammarism is currently being created at a tiny university, where people have always been kind and happy.