All vs Every vs Whole Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. He grew thinner and thinner every day.
  • 2. He was good to all of us.
  • 3. In an instant the whole crew were on foot.
  • 4. I should get one of them.
  • 5. She has told me about it.
  • 6. They were in full possession of the country.
  • 7. He had reason to wish to live.
  • 8. I will tell you about it now.
  • 9. Yet, I have seen the world.
  • 10. And then she told him the story.
  • 11. The service was of gold and silver.
  • 12. It was a bright year for England in sense of the word.
  • 13. Audacity was stamped in line of his magnificent head.
  • 14. He must be things to men.
  • 15. In that time the question will be determined.
  • 16. Its bow pointed successively to point of the compass.
  • 17. He expressed the utmost desire to help me in possible way.
  • 18. He knew man, woman, and child in the town.
  • 19. It was very strange to me.
  • 20. step of the way was well remembered by him.

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