Although/Even Though vs Despite/In Spite Of Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. You are my own flesh and blood, and although I have scarcely seen you from a child, you are the only thing I love.
  • 2. Although he was lame of a hand and foot, his form and stature were not unworthy of his rank; and his vigorous health, so essential to himself and to the world, was corroborated by temperance and exercise.
  • 3. But the queen was persistent, and in spite of the fact that the result of each of these ordeals was popularly considered as a direct sign from heaven, she refused to accept them as final, because her pet project had been rejected.
  • 4. All who have meant good work with their whole hearts, have done good work, they may die before they have the time to sign it.
  • 5. At the court, she felt lonely her wanton humors.
  • 6. she did not move, she wasn't dead.
  • 7. all they could do, the boat was evidently slowly drifting towards the bridge.
  • 8. Where massive silver table-wares are heirlooms in the family, they are used, their height.
  • 9. He looked at it longways and sideways, from above, from underneath, but all his attempts, no change could he discover.
  • 10. He had brought his father's horse out for the first time, to carry him here to propose to her, his father.
  • 11. And he did not understand many of the long words it used, he felt pleased at being spoken to as though he did understand.
  • 12. And then Dolly turned consoler, and there was a long, long talk, the fact that it was in the wee small hours, and that they were all to take a railroad journey that day.
  • 13. She had been reassured on seeing the vague disquietude which the face of the chevalier showed himself.
  • 14. When good illustrations were needed in books and periodicals, copper plate work was almost invariably used, the fact that it was more costly, was much slower in execution and printing, and had to be bound in with text in a separate operation.
  • 15. It was but a moment, however, before the object reappeared, sinking lightly down out of the cloud, still at a vast distance from the earth.
  • 16. Thereafter, he had been obsessed with one ambition, and that was to win Joyce for his wife, the fact that he was fifteen years her senior and held an appointment in the East.
  • 17. From the moment that I first saw her, sitting in the forest surrounded by flowers, I have never ceased to think of her night and day, and, I love her, I am quite convinced that she will never care for me.
  • 18. The veil of mist that had floated between him and the wolf and its victim was spreading up and down the valley, rising from the wet ground, dense and heavy, opaque like ink, its whiteness.
  • 19. Women are more devout than the men in their observance of religious duties, the whole population is religious to an unusual degree so far as the outward forms are concerned, but the real religion which aims at character building is little known as yet.
  • 20. we may not be old in the world, we are old to each other, having so long been intimates.

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