Articles (a/an/the) Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. All seemed to be at an end.
  • 2. They were not the hands of any man.
  • 3. It's been coming for a long time.
  • 4. It has been her character for long time.
  • 5. For quarter of hour he was absent.
  • 6. children met no one on their way.
  • 7. He must put end to it at once.
  • 8. It will be ready in half hour.
  • 9. I have come to understanding with myself.
  • 10. I will be there in half hour.
  • 11. That's way I call it.
  • 12. But that's way with me.
  • 13. And he was to be part of it.
  • 14. rest of party were soon on foot.
  • 15. That's way it seems to me.
  • 16. That's way it should be.
  • 17. And it was long, long way.
  • 18. It was long time coming to me.
  • 19. It was only few feet away.
  • 20. His interest in life was at end.

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