As vs Like Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. This reflection passed through her mind like a flash, and Sabine scolded herself for having made it.
  • 2. As he was, he opened the door.
  • 3. I felt as if I should die.
  • 4. Don't look at me that, man!
  • 5. It looked if it were going to be.
  • 6. Fifteen feet below him was the reality of the dim vision that had come to him a mile back in the woods: the woman's husband swimming round and round a rat in a pail.
  • 7. I am peculiar he is.
  • 8. Don't look at me that!
  • 9. And, the others, his enthusiasm rose.
  • 10. It seemed if the day would never come.
  • 11. It was more a rest cure.
  • 12. it was, he never did.
  • 13. Her face was white death.
  • 14. This is not it should be.
  • 15. It seemed if he would never fall.
  • 16. It was more a fortress than a mansion.
  • 17. He smiled to himself he did so.
  • 18. Please don't look at me that.
  • 19. They were not so easy they looked.
  • 20. The noblest minds were engaged in the struggle, and, most reformers, they pushed their conclusions to extremes, and too often lost sight of the need of a due proportion in things.

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