Be Able To Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 1,550

  • 1. You say you are able to come alone. (present simple/come)
  • 2. He isn't able to reward you himself, I therefore ask you whether for the future you would like to walk the quarter-deck as an officer. (present simple/not/reward)
  • 3. Would he be able to cope with the monster? (he/would/cope/?)
  • 4. I am out of money, and I may never get any more from home, so that what you do for me I . (may/not/repay)
  • 5. From that moment he her image from his heart. (past simple/not/drive)
  • 6. But such a trap? (how/the Ogrum/past perfect/set/?)
  • 7. But I need go no farther than myself: for a long time I ; at last I must be raised by others; and now I am up, I am ready to sink lower than before. (past simple/not/rise)
  • 8. Yes I at home. (present simple/be)
  • 9. From my acquaintance with that country, I think I , with some degree of certainty, of the manner in which it will have been received. (present simple/judge)
  • 10. Well, she the same fault, so, how dared she blame him? (past perfect/not/prevent)
  • 11. And for that matter, the question in the first place? (why/he/past perfect/ask/?)
  • 12. A dancing-master is coming every morning to give me lessons, for I in a month, or I can't go to the ball. (must/dance)
  • 13. There are circumstances, however, which render it possible that they those intermediate mountains. (may/not/pass)
  • 14. it? (she/should/follow/?)
  • 15. So it is but natural to assume that the majority of these manuscripts were in these three languages, and that it required no small amount of learning on Joanna's part them. (indefinite/decipher)
  • 16. how we were ashamed to do what we knew was a Christian duty before one whom we knew to be a mocker at religion? (we/shall/understand/?)
  • 17. upon to keep fresh and dewy this eager, artistic sense that must be developed with so much labor among any Western people? (what secret source of spiritual force/they/present perfect/draw/?)
  • 18. But we with some security the duration of these intervals by a comparison of the preceding and succeeding organic forms. (shall/gauge)
  • 19. I thought you me to some money. (might/help)
  • 20. The thought that he that night irritated him. (might/not/return)

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