Be Able To Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. This last offensive showed that the Germans hadn't been able to maintain the driving power that characterized their first onrush. (past perfect/maintain)
  • 2. If you aren't able to formulate, after the revolution, by legislation, your legitimate demands, the revolution will perish miserably like that of 1848. (present simple/formulate)
  • 3. I haven't been able to breathe. (present perfect/breathe)
  • 4. Glen was obliged to confess that, as he the use of those studies, he had not paid much attention to them. (past perfect/see)
  • 5. It them, but, as by a handkerchief that survives the departure of its owner, their senses were faintly stimulated. (may/past/rejuvenate)
  • 6. The scribe of the council applauded the young man for the self-denial which he exercised; but he could not help making the remark, that when once in the field he his independence so easily. (would/assert)
  • 7. I have grown afraid, out here in the dark, that Piney you understand, might have misled you in some way about-what I said. (might/past/make)
  • 8. The advantage, however, was completely destroyed by the masterly retreat of Alvinczy from his position at Caldiero, effected by other causeways and another bridge further north, which the French in time. (past perfect/secure)
  • 9. The admiral's flag-lieutenant, Lieutenant (now Captain) John C. Watson, had examined these buoys in several nightly reconnaissances; but, although he any of the mines, the assurances of their existence could not be disregarded. (past perfect/discover)
  • 10. She replied that she even so far as Philadelphia and, after some correspondence, Miss Anthony agreed to go to Boston. (past simple/travel)
  • 11. When I have sometimes warned servants, who were rather officious in their attentions, that having no money I them anything at the conclusion of my visit, there has generally been a perceptible falling off in their activity. (should/give)
  • 12. He the guests, they moved about so, they talked so; and it would not look well to appear to count. (past perfect/count)
  • 13. But he more. (past perfect/afford)
  • 14. What took place there before the row commenced, or what was the occasion of the havoc and destruction which almost immediately afterwards ensued, I . (present perfect/ascertain)
  • 15. He a nut. (present perfect/get)
  • 16. I a word alike in the two; and but very few words even slightly similar in sound and sense. (present perfect/find)
  • 17. I don't wonder that the young fellow it. (past simple/do)
  • 18. Moquin-Tandon gives the following references to cases of proliferous roses, but some I . (present perfect/verify)
  • 19. No one was ever unkind to her, and though she mice any more, she was treated with great honour. (past simple/catch)
  • 20. She spoke confidently, just as usual, as if nothing out of the ordinary were going on in the shack, but it was a transparent effort to encourage the others, and she it up long. (past simple/keep)

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