Be Able To Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 12

  • 1. I shall be able to find the mountain and the tree. (shall/find)
  • 2. As he had himself now been some time absent from England, he might have been able to give them very little information. (might/past/give)
  • 3. For thousands of years man had been able to create various forms of life. (past perfect/create)
  • 4. And it is bad, because I must depend so deeply on who I speak with for my mind after. (indefinite/work)
  • 5. When a child this, it is a good sign of his having acquired considerable mental powers. (present simple/do)
  • 6. I one step with these last. (present simple/go)
  • 7. You are a lucky woman in happiness. (indefinite/believe)
  • 8. I finally these and am offering them now for the first time. (present perfect/secure)
  • 9. I am hoping that in three or four weeks I around. (may/sit)
  • 10. Every sentinel readily with the body to which he belongs. (should/communicate)
  • 11. But his mind was gradually recovering its balance, and he some conversation with those about him. (past simple/hold)
  • 12. It was some time before I . (past simple/walk)
  • 13. A dancing-master is coming every morning to give me lessons, for I in a month, or I can't go to the ball. (must/dance)
  • 14. He his mind into its secret places. (would/follow)
  • 15. If you understand these examples you others similar to them. (should/understand)
  • 16. Soon I my own voice. (past simple/hear)
  • 17. In a month from now, I do not question we any command your Highness may lay upon us; but at this hour I fear that, even in so small a matter, he must prepare himself for disappointment. (shall/meet)
  • 18. Perhaps she things. (would/explain)
  • 19. And perhaps, some day, you again. (might/paint)
  • 20. And their behaviour is really so deeply beneath any possible standard, that on a retrospect I wonder I them myself until the yarn was finished. (present perfect/endure)

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