Be Able To Question Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. Each one has the shape Thomas Hearne put on it, and it in his hands; and what I can do with wood and iron, why would I not be able to do it with flesh and blood, and it in a way my own? (why/I/would/not/do)
  • 2. Would she be able to speak to him? (she/would/speak)
  • 3. Shall we never be able to destroy him? (we/shall/never/destroy)
  • 4. his supremacy? (he/would/maintain)
  • 5. his irritability, to suppress his exaggerated self-esteem; both of them, perhaps, symptoms of some obscure form of neurosis? (he/past simple/control)
  • 6. out of that ill-fated hole without aid? (he/would/climb)
  • 7. It may be asked so long during their imprisonment! (how/these men/past simple/live)
  • 8. the falls in time to make a landing? (they/would/discover)
  • 9. Mrs. Fry? (she/would/never/emulate)
  • 10. But this? (how long/we/would/endure)
  • 11. them? (how/we/shall/ever/pay)
  • 12. it? (he/would/reach)
  • 13. us right? (you/shall/lead)
  • 14. what it is that distinguishes it from the sounds a hundred other men would make going by your closed door? (you/present simple/say)
  • 15. us a word about the robbers you killed? (a human creature in the neighbourhood/past simple/tell)
  • 16. Indeed, when I come to reflect upon it, it also appears miraculous to me; a language that I have never studied, spoken, or even heard before? (for why/I/should/understand)
  • 17. her for an hour while she promenaded with Lorna? (I/would/keep)
  • 18. in silence to the miserable perversion of his teachings by hired apologists of social wrong? (he/would/listen)
  • 19. themselves from an attack? (how/they/would/defend)
  • 20. Tell me, dear, you the Duchess of Altern? (when/we/shall/call)

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