Be Allowed To Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 18

  • 1. The sentries weren't allowed to load their rifles, as promiscuous firing was a source of danger to the occupants of the tents, which were crowded together on the plain. (past simple/not/load)
  • 2. He begged he might be allowed to retire. (might/retire)
  • 3. Why couldn't he have been allowed to keep the poignant joy of touching her, of breathing her acrid, earthy atmosphere, of kissing her lips and her eyelids, to himself? (why/he/could/past/not/keep/?)
  • 4. It must be a cause of regret to all fair-minded men, that he in this grand success with the men whom he had so long commanded. (past simple/not/share)
  • 5. Evidently the inconsequential matter of an attempt at murder between friends, according to the flat-game man's way of viewing life. (should/not/stand)
  • 6. Only brave men in the dance. (past simple/join)
  • 7. King him to the gate. (past simple/attend)
  • 8. But he the monastic peace he had hoped for. (past simple/not/enjoy)
  • 9. If he was so distinguished a man in literature as Maurice Kenyon represented him to be, his books? (why/she/past perfect/never/read/?)
  • 10. Still, he forward with his two companions. (past simple/remain)
  • 11. As a rule the children into the scrub without a grown-up in charge, for there were dangers among the thick bushy undergrowth known by this odd name. (past simple/not/go)
  • 12. Strangers of the patrol, as they might give the enemy notice of its approach. (must/not/go ahead)
  • 13. Both our army and navy have shown glorious bravery and heroism, and their marvelous achievements forth no results. (must/not/bring)
  • 14. On such authority, one certainly some degree of hope. (may/indulge)
  • 15. Powerful obstacles oppose these resolutions-you of them. (present simple/not/think)
  • 16. But Philippus has told me that even a woman with the same purpose. (may/work)
  • 17. He more. (past simple/not/say)
  • 18. Just a little light from behind, and all other parts should be closed, so as to exclude light. (should/penetrate)
  • 19. So it was of great importance to me this house. (indefinite/examine)
  • 20. If oil a boiler, its action is the same as that of scale in keeping the water away from the metal surfaces. (present simple/enter)

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