Be Allowed To Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. But the Unitarians weren't allowed to come within the rule: as in other quarters, they were treated as the gypsies of Christianity. (past simple/come)
  • 2. The snake mustn't be allowed to live. (must/live)
  • 3. The latter was truly as noble and pure as man ever felt for woman, but it shouldn't be allowed to estrange his friend. (should/estrange)
  • 4. Besides, he his judgment in the smallest way-the King going on the principle that a King only can educate a King. (present simple/exercise)
  • 5. But he . (past simple/pass)
  • 6. Unfortunately, the law enacted under President Roosevelt's administration for a sufficient length of time to test its effects. (past simple/stand)
  • 7. She into the kitchen to help there at home, for the cook would leave if she were disturbed, so she couldn't do as some of her friends were doing and learn to cook. (past simple/go)
  • 8. They until their master or mistress has returned to the tent. (present simple/rest)
  • 9. All rough usage should be avoided, especially twisting or bending of limbs, and the patient on the back unless the tongue is pulled forward. (must/remain)
  • 10. Mother and grandmother tole me that they their husbands. (past simple/pick)
  • 11. Under the sway of Justinian, in the sixth century, the persecutions against these people were so oppressive that a Hebrew his own child in the faith of his fathers. (past simple/raise/or/educate)
  • 12. We our barrack, for there were a thousand and one different papers, it seemed, that each man had to sign. (past simple/leave)
  • 13. Having been sent to Andersonville by mistake we to the Bull Pen, but were marched to a school house or church, where we staid until the next day. (past simple/go in)
  • 14. He this speech in tranquillity. (past simple/finish)
  • 15. They found they had forgotten the coffee, but Marion from her chair. (past simple/move)
  • 16. To my regret, we the illumination. (past simple/see)
  • 17. But the subject , and in 1864 there was a renewal of the movement for a union of the Maritime Provinces. (past simple/sleep)
  • 18. Margaret was evidently determined not to see him alone; after their long acquaintance, and their relationship (he insisted a good deal upon this rather uncertain tie), she him in that way; he would not allow it. (should/treat)
  • 19. But it is equally true that the circus elephant a book. (present simple/write)
  • 20. Even my sleep, if sleep it could be called, I . (past simple/enjoy)

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