Be Allowed To Question Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. Why couldn't he have been allowed to keep the poignant joy of touching her, of breathing her acrid, earthy atmosphere, of kissing her lips and her eyelids, to himself? (why/he/could/past/not/keep)
  • 2. Why are they not allowed to be out in the evening, or to carry even a stick to defend themselves, in case of necessity? (why/they/present simple/not/be)
  • 3. For he was her own child and why should he be allowed to give himself airs? (why/he/should/give)
  • 4. If he was so distinguished a man in literature as Maurice Kenyon represented him to be, his books? (why/she/past perfect/never/read)
  • 5. , was this benevolent object ever made known to the public generally? (we/may/ask)
  • 6. before they have attended schools as apprentice teachers? (why/people/should/teach)
  • 7. in slavish subjection, creatures, human as themselves, with the same blood and sinews, with hearts beating to the same impulses, with thoughts as free, and sentiments as noble, as their own? (why then/they/should/hold)
  • 8. to them? (I/shall/go)
  • 9. of the convent, or to see visitors? (they/past simple/go out)
  • 10. it? (I/may/see)
  • 11. Why should an utterly selfish man of that kind, who has forfeited every claim upon you a hundred times over- to you, to wither your whole existence? (why/he/should/dictate)
  • 12. with their tasks without opposition and hindrance from those who look on? (why/the labourers/should/not/proceed)
  • 13. ? (the Southerners/would/enter)
  • 14. their work? (why/engravers/past simple/not/exhibit)
  • 15. the gowld that's all through the mountains? (why/we/would/not/get)
  • 16. Besides, if people are willing to pay for the pleasure of a week of hope, so? (why/they/should/not/do)
  • 17. again for office? (he/should/run)
  • 18. the soil? (why/strong currents of water/should/not/traverse)
  • 19. -elect a nitwit who'd do the same thing again because he was too stupid to see that he was being used? (they/should/re)
  • 20. You have paid dear enough for your jokes; and pleasant, if not at his own expense? (when/a man/should/be)

Online Be Allowed To Interrogative Form Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

60 be allowed to question online multiple choices exercises in 3 tests. Practice be allowed to question form online for exams, check your answers. Improve your English grammar with the interactive be allowed to interrogative form activities. Suitable for beginner, elementary and intermediate level learners.