Be Going To Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 82

  • 1. So you aren't going to tell him. (tell)
  • 2. She isn't going to do anything. (do)
  • 3. He wasn't going to marry for property. (past/marry)
  • 4. He for her. (past/plead)
  • 5. Blame him for the glorious knowledge that he ? (past/die)
  • 6. We you like that. (lose)
  • 7. I philosophy. (preach)
  • 8. And I him die. (let)
  • 9. You me? (kill)
  • 10. I anything about it. (say)
  • 11. You him? (see)
  • 12. You now, are you? (quit)
  • 13. But he , nor to retire. (past/give up)
  • 14. You any mercy from the Commissioner. (get)
  • 15. But I one of the exceptions. (be)
  • 16. It any golden streets. (have)
  • 17. She that. (past/have)
  • 18. But I it away. (past/give)
  • 19. But I you of that now. (tell)
  • 20. You me into agreement. (coax)

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