Be Going To Question Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 124

  • 1. How were they going to stop up the crevices between the logs? (how/they/past/stop)
  • 2. How are you going to get home? (how/you/get)
  • 3. But with such a combination against us what are we going to do? (what/we/do)
  • 4. to me, Alec? (what/you/do)
  • 5. And that, my fine fellow? (how/you/stop)
  • 6. Klitzing had frank honest eyes; one could not but feel sorry for his pallor and languor; the hard work? (how/he/past/stand)
  • 7. him to come again? (she/past/not/ask)
  • 8. her boy? (they/past/kill)
  • 9. But in the meantime ? (what/we/do)
  • 10. for them? (how/you/atone)
  • 11. And other people? (how/I/understand)
  • 12. But still, ? (what/I/do)
  • 13. one? (where/you/get)
  • 14. Then ? (how/you/live)
  • 15. this inopportune fellow? (how/he/past/get rid of)
  • 16. But ? (where/you/live)
  • 17. for a fellow? (what/you/do)
  • 18. a row? (he/past/make)
  • 19. when we reached Paris? (what/we poor things/past/do)
  • 20. I meant, me? (what/you/pay)

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