Be Supposed To Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 360

  • 1. Was the Master supposed to be father of the Queen's child? (the Master/past simple/be/?)
  • 2. The third article is supposed to have a bearing on the question. (present simple/have)
  • 3. And I shall explain how I arrived at some of these conclusions, in order that I may not be supposed to have merely guessed at them. (may/not/have)
  • 4. The sun a less influence on a middle, than a more northern latitude; nor on one series of meridians, than another. (can/not/exert)
  • 5. If (by some kind of means) the people you're concerned with afterwards got a grant of the lands on which they were, it to a prior right any other person had derived from as good authority. (could/not/extend)
  • 6. There was no bed for him there, and he home to sleep. (past simple/go)
  • 7. We're on active duty now, and we any of our private affairs interfere with our duty. (present simple/not/let)
  • 8. I told him nobody'd ever made a drawing machine yet that worked, but he said it drawings. (past simple/not/make)
  • 9. He about this. (past simple/not/talk)
  • 10. He introduced me to the noblemen and chiefs about him, and I was wise enough to know that if they made much of me it was rather for the class I than for my own poor merits. (past simple/represent)
  • 11. It was a whare noa, a house to which, from its general and temporary uses, the tapu : I mean, of course, the ordinary personal tapu or tapu rangatira. (past simple/not/attach)
  • 12. In our modern notion of marriage, which is getting itself expressed in statute law, marriage on mutual trust and mutual rights. (present simple/rest)
  • 13. These exchanges generally took place in the very early dawn, when the officer of the day and the officers of the picket around. (past simple/not/be)
  • 14. He asserted it indignantly enough some-times, but he did not regret the disposal of the house or the spoiling of the beautiful grounds as he . (might/past/do)
  • 15. Moreover, a painter to the court of Spain an uneasy conscience about with him. (past simple/not/carry)
  • 16. But the army to the crown, and if America had been conquered through their means, the claim of the legislature would have been suffocated in the conquest. (present simple/belong)
  • 17. He happiness; it is my contention that he rather loves excitement. (present simple/love)
  • 18. He tender, see? (present simple/be)
  • 19. any tendency to promote organic development to ever higher and more perfect types, in the orderly sequence which has in fact occurred? (how/this struggle for existence/can/have/?)
  • 20. But I listened with interest; after all, I any of these things. (past simple/not/know)

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