Be Supposed To Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 5

  • 1. Rain isn't supposed to fall in the Desert, but it has been coming down in slant torrents and the sky is reflected everywhere in the roadside pools. (present simple/fall)
  • 2. As such they weren't supposed to travel about, especially not behind the French battle-line. (past simple/travel)
  • 3. They can't be supposed to take the same interest in its affairs as was shown by the Annual Committees who reported upon its condition and prospects. (can/take)
  • 4. Unfortunately mineral claims with Mexican land grants. (present simple/go)
  • 5. Theoretically, Harry the things. (past simple/sell)
  • 6. I anything. (present simple/know)
  • 7. He frightened her, I think, and besides that she's going to be married to him, and among the gypsies a woman any thinking when her husband tells her to do something. (present simple/do)
  • 8. The lady any notice of him, but continues her knitting in a stolid fashion. (present simple/take)
  • 9. You through an entire meal. (present simple/sit)
  • 10. As we sensible of our own failings, I should much wish to know whether any English-French exists equal to some French-English I know of, and inclose a specimen. (present simple/be)
  • 11. I don't know what is in them and he gave me to understand that I . (past simple/know)
  • 12. And that being the case, and as I in the least scrupulous in my methods, it stands to reason that I am likely to get the better of you. (present simple/be)
  • 13. You anything about it. (present simple/know)
  • 14. In our dormitory we are allowed to carry away bread and milk to our rooms, but we sugar or butter for fudges. (present simple/take)
  • 15. She isn't married, she children, and she ought to know that the founder of her religion was most kind to the adulteress. (present simple/have)
  • 16. And she is so dreadful that she hasn't any name, because you about her at all. (present simple/talk)
  • 17. He , not at all. (past simple/tell)
  • 18. I was not to presume upon my position as a sister to express opinions about these said love-affairs, because I anything about such matters. (past simple/know)
  • 19. Properly speaking, our ambulances nearer than a certain safe distance from the enemy's firing-line. (past simple/go)
  • 20. I told him nobody'd ever made a drawing machine yet that worked, but he said it drawings. (past simple/make)

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