Be Supposed To Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 6

  • 1. One player represents the Sergeant, and the others the soldiers, whom he is supposed to be drilling. (present simple/be)
  • 2. The trial trip over, they bade their comrades farewell, and away they went due south, in the direction where the native village was supposed to be. (past simple/be)
  • 3. One was supposed to know in some mysterious manner that one was converted; the operation was permanent in its character; it could not be repeated; once thoroughly effected the converted person neither wished to sin nor really did sin. (past simple/know)
  • 4. This mythological and fabulous creation, composed as it was of scattered and discordant parts, then became a source of future punishments and rewards, in which divine justice the vices and errors of this transitory state. (past simple/correct)
  • 5. On whichever side the privilege , it is certainly denied to none. (may/lie)
  • 6. I an engineer myself; I say supposed, because in the seven years since my graduation, my father hasn't given me much opportunity to prove it. (present simple/be)
  • 7. Such declarations indifferently well of hypocrisy. (might/savor)
  • 8. An atom of any kind is not the inert thing it , for it can do something. (present perfect/be)
  • 9. The English Parliament the national purse in trust for the nation. (present simple/hold)
  • 10. But all the ceremonies and festivals were dedicated to them; and magnificent temples in their honour were erected in which their spirits . (past simple/dwell)
  • 11. You may remember that before I was called, I spent a year with a firm of chartered accountants, so I something of book-keeping. (present simple/know)
  • 12. The painting probably a mouse. (past simple/represent)
  • 13. One from them, but in practice one only criticises. (present simple/learn)
  • 14. With his first short stories as a criterion, and a knowledge of his own personal antecedents and the almost necessary predilections that he , his career as a novelist could not have been foreseen. (might/possess)
  • 15. As it was, she was only disappointed at not finding the money which the drawer . (past perfect/contain)
  • 16. In so classing them, I have not the smallest intention of declaring or insinuating any theory as to the law of mind in which these mental processes , or the conditions under which they may be legitimate or the reverse. (may/originate)
  • 17. There was no bed for him there, and he home to sleep. (past simple/go)
  • 18. Such a criticism might have had weight in the days when the mind the body as a tenant a house, and have no relation to it other than that of a casual occupant. (past simple/inhabit)
  • 19. He us every day. (present simple/visit)
  • 20. The Cardinal himself aspired to the office of presiding legate, and, though he had missed this place of honor and power, the condition of things in France was such as naturally to incline him in the direction of Rome. (past simple/have)

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