Be Used To Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. He wasn't used to taking the trouble to disguise his humiliation. (past simple/not/take)
  • 2. How could it be used to good advantage? (how/it/could/?)
  • 3. I was used to his aliases by this time. (past simple)
  • 4. You won't have much difficulty, I know, as you a pony since you could walk. (present perfect)
  • 5. But I operating alone, and I was interested in what you might find in the cove. (present simple)
  • 6. This device excess. (not/should)
  • 7. But he orders after a little balking, and in time his slow brain started him on the hunt for Davidge. (past simple/obey)
  • 8. There are many little things by which it is easy to tell that Ephraim the best society. (not/present perfect)
  • 9. Judges it, and act accordingly, deciding in most cases by a keen observation of the witnesses and an extensive knowlege of the seamy side of nature. (present simple)
  • 10. The lower animals some extent. (past simple)
  • 11. Chiz hefts his bat-and you know those cricket-bats, what they look like and how they feel after you meeting fast ones with a narrow baseball-bat. (present perfect)
  • 12. Martin such attention, and appreciated it. (not/past simple)
  • 13. She his nakedness, and to her mother's nakedness, ever since she was born. (past simple)
  • 14. You this kind of locomotion, but I'm not very well upholstered, and I'm shaken to bits. (may)
  • 15. All three children were neatly dressed, and all looked as if they their clothes. (not/past simple)
  • 16. it that they 'don't take much note o'it'? (these fishermen/present simple/so/?)
  • 17. I had frequently to help her, for she climbing, and she was breathing hard. (not/past simple)
  • 18. They tell me that it will be well that he this damnable climate early in life. (should)
  • 19. We young ladies here who know how to climb trees. (present simple/not/see)
  • 20. Betty the thrifty English and French care of woodlands, and felt as if it were a great pity not to take better care of the precious legacy. (past perfect)

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