Be Used To Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. I wasn't used to a town where they have to chain the door-mats down and you daren't speak to your neighbor without a police-permit. (past simple)
  • 2. It is true that the crusts of the bread made from this grain answer these requirements fairly well, and there is therefore no reason why this part of it shouldn't be used to any extent, provided it be prepared from good meal. (should)
  • 3. She wasn't used to the incessant cries and outcries, quarrels, accidents, and miseries of a great city. (past simple)
  • 4. They games of stunts with boys, and in this particular instance the prize was so great a one that their anger ran very high, and they asked some very embarrassing questions. (past simple/play)
  • 5. They my garden yet, that's what's the matter. (present simple)
  • 6. We know ladies in court. (present simple/talk)
  • 7. He this sort of thing. (past simple)
  • 8. Dr. Clatworthy a woman in tears. (past simple)
  • 9. He hard horseback riding, and he wanted to be fresh on Friday. (past simple)
  • 10. And as she things out, the effort took the form of an imaginary explanation to Mr. Brumley of the difficulties of her position. (past simple/think)
  • 11. The boy labour, and he grew very tired and unhappy. (past simple)
  • 12. Yet the spinster aunt flatter Reuben with any such mention as this. (past simple)
  • 13. I thanked them both, a little stiffly, I fear, for I gifts; but my face must have shown them how genuine was my feeling for the favors. (present simple)
  • 14. Rigganites do not like firearms, and they them. (present simple)
  • 15. They sea-battles, were not trained for them, were not enlisted for the purpose, and therefore were under no obligations. (past simple)
  • 16. He had been walking over an hour, and he it. (past simple)
  • 17. Sam liquor, and was more easily affected than most. (past simple)
  • 18. There was evidently something she did not want the world to know; she society, and she was hopelessly plain. (past perfect)
  • 19. The fact is, one has got to get used to these things, and I it yet. (present simple)
  • 20. But-do not think me ungracious-when I spoke of a lonely Christmas, I only meant that I a family party. (present perfect)

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