Be Used To Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 9

  • 1. Every stratagem had been used to lull the enemy into security. (past perfect)
  • 2. They acted as if they were used to it, and nobody seemed to pay much attention to their manoeuvres. (past simple)
  • 3. Horses are used to some extent for riding, but very little for carriage and draught purposes, consequently there has been no great incentive for their breeding. (present simple)
  • 4. Till it truth's more brilliant light. (present simple)
  • 5. They the big guns bombarding them for a day or more at a stretch before the infantry came over. (past simple)
  • 6. He insisted that he did not need a helper, that he handling charges alone, that he did not want to take the risk of an accident like that of yesterday. (past simple)
  • 7. The fishermen it; they only smiled, or paid no attention whatever to the noise. (past simple)
  • 8. Eustace was not the least afraid of thunder and lightning; he tremendous storms, and loved nothing better than to stand out on the veranda to watch one raging round among the hills or out at sea. (past simple)
  • 9. Large vessels, open at the top, of earth or stone hold water and other liquids. (present simple)
  • 10. This, although I warfare as much as any, was a job I did not at all like; but still I went as boldly to work as I could. (past simple)
  • 11. They the Egyptian officials who never did any work they were not paid for, who did not do it then if they could find any one else to do it for them, and whose hands were constantly held out asking for bribes. (past simple)
  • 12. He evidently cables, for he knew how to handle this one, and in a few seconds he had his head and arms through the loop. (past simple)
  • 13. Similar compositions a late date. (past simple)
  • 14. We it, you see. (present simple)
  • 15. He had lived so long in North Queensland that he the solitude, and thought nothing of the dangers surrounding them. (past simple)
  • 16. I should think she everything, unfortunate woman, for the soldiers constrained themselves but little in delivering themselves of their indiscreet amenities before her. (past simple)
  • 17. Thus the one point of weakness in the concrete slab is overcome by the addition of steel in its simplest form, and both materials their best advantage. (present simple)
  • 18. I replied that I the mountains and would easily find the place. (past simple)
  • 19. But there, you it. (present simple)
  • 20. We again laved and refreshed, and closed this most delicious orgy with MacCallum first in the Nichols' cunt, with my big and doted-on prick in her arse, which, now she it, pleased her more than ever. (past simple)

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