Can vs Must vs Should Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 22,256

  • 1. I may be wrong, but I must confess that I have looked with disgust on the whole movement.
  • 2. I should like to know what they are.
  • 3. She can't help it, either.
  • 4. I like to have his life!
  • 5. I not like to see his eyes.
  • 6. 't you see the result already?
  • 7. There is no reason why you n't.
  • 8. There was no reason why she not.
  • 9. I 't stand it much longer.
  • 10. It be admitted that the portrait is hardly recognisable.
  • 11. Send it as soon as you .
  • 12. 't you see how it is?
  • 13. I 't stand it, and I won't.
  • 14. I be glad to see him here.
  • 15. I like to know your opinion of me.
  • 16. And the truth be told, that in the morning John was no nearer to realizing the terrors he desired to feel.
  • 17. I 't think what she's made of.
  • 18. I have liked to sleep too.
  • 19. It be admitted, too, that they may play them off on us when they please.
  • 20. And I like to do that.

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