Can Could Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 6,249

  • 1. Yet he knew that he could not do it.
  • 2. For a moment he could say no more.
  • 3. I cannot and will not believe it.
  • 4. But she knew she not move him.
  • 5. But I knew you n't be.
  • 6. She felt that she never drive again.
  • 7. They felt weak and not eat.
  • 8. I found that I do nothing.
  • 9. But she knew that she not do it.
  • 10. He think of no way but the truth.
  • 11. And there was nothing he do.
  • 12. I did what I for you.
  • 13. I wish you have seen him!
  • 14. But she knew that she not.
  • 15. I wish I have a crack with you.
  • 16. It seemed as if he not open it.
  • 17. It was no use; she not understand.
  • 18. But I will do what I .
  • 19. I will do all I for you.
  • 20. Nevertheless, I will do what I .

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