Comparative Adjectives Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. We're stronger than he was. (strong)
  • 2. Nothing could be more absurd than such an idea. (absurd)
  • 3. It worked even better than I had hoped. (good)
  • 4. It is far than a whip. (good)
  • 5. The demand is always than the supply. (great)
  • 6. She was much than she knew. (ill)
  • 7. It was than they had dreamed. (wonderful)
  • 8. The effect was than he expected. (serious)
  • 9. He's than some men. (wise)
  • 10. Silence was even than speech. (terrible)
  • 11. Nothing could be than her appearance. (startling)
  • 12. Her courage was than her strength. (great)
  • 13. Perhaps you know than I do. (good)
  • 14. She was than she would admit. (tired)
  • 15. You are than I am. (fortunate)
  • 16. It was even than she had expected. (difficult)
  • 17. Nothing could be than those words. (bitter)
  • 18. It would do than no good. (bad)
  • 19. He looked even than he felt. (good)
  • 20. It was than he had thought. (early)

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