Comparative Superlative Adjectives Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. It was just the most crowded time of the day. (crowded)
  • 2. Nothing could be more desolate than those shores. (desolate)
  • 3. It was earlier than he had thought. (early)
  • 4. A conference is than a conversation. (formal)
  • 5. A girl should be than a man. (small)
  • 6. He looked even than he felt. (good)
  • 7. I have not the idea in the world. (slight)
  • 8. It is the hill in the whole country. (high)
  • 9. It was than he had expected. (bad)
  • 10. Nothing could be than their time. (favourable)
  • 11. Nothing is than this rational conclusion. (plain)
  • 12. He is the thing in my life. (big)
  • 13. He is than an eldest son. (bad)
  • 14. He is the of men. (critical)
  • 15. They are far than we are. (conventional)
  • 16. I sent the woman I could command. (good)
  • 17. He must do the he can. (good)
  • 18. Nothing can be than such an impression. (dangerous)
  • 19. They were the time of my whole life. (miserable)
  • 20. They were much than he had fancied. (near)

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2020 comparative superlative online multiple choices exercises in 101 tests. Practice comparative superlative adjectives online for exams, check your answers. Improve your English grammar with the interactive comparative vs superlative (more-most and irregulars) activities. Suitable for beginner, elementary and intermediate level learners.