Coordinating Conjunctions (and/nor/but/or/so) Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I asked you to come and see me.
  • 2. What you suffer from is nothing more nor less than sheer ignorance.
  • 3. He helped himself to another drink, his hand shaking so that he could hardly hold the decanter.
  • 4. They entered the room closed the door behind them.
  • 5. this was not to be the end.
  • 6. His legs were trembling that he could hardly sit his horse.
  • 7. He came to me laid his hand on my shoulder.
  • 8. It moved after a moment two.
  • 9. It really means nothing more less than the sweet expression sometimes observed in the eyes of a sorrowful animal.
  • 10. There was nothing for it to go.
  • 11. He went round to the door opened it.
  • 12. Then he came to her took her hand.
  • 13. The others turned looked at him.
  • 14. She waited for an answer, none came.
  • 15. He went to her laid his hand on her shoulder.
  • 16. it was that the dog often used to get off by himself for a joyous race through the woods, where the dried leaves made such a jolly, rattling sound.
  • 17. She put it off looked at it.
  • 18. She got out of bed went to the window.
  • 19. Then there was nothing to do wait.
  • 20. it was that the French war department turned over to the Americans this artillery training ground which had been long vacant.

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