Countable Nouns vs Uncountable Nouns Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. We had been silent for some minutes. (minute)
  • 2. I'll get her some coffee. (coffee)
  • 3. A few days later she was at home. (day)
  • 4. I had made some in the mine. (friend)
  • 5. For many she remained quite silent. (minute)
  • 6. For some the sound of laughter was heard. (time)
  • 7. But it was not with much . (success)
  • 8. But it was only for a few . (week)
  • 9. Some came from a house behind me. (man)
  • 10. No one paid any to us. (attention)
  • 11. It required some to do that. (courage)
  • 12. The story is told in a few . (word)
  • 13. The men had no answer for some . (moment)
  • 14. We have made some , though. (progress)
  • 15. I can make a little for you. (money)
  • 16. In a few they found it. (moment)
  • 17. He had expected this for some . (time)
  • 18. But there is not any in her. (love)
  • 19. He may be able to throw some on it. (light)
  • 20. And perhaps I might be of some . (help)

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