Dare/Daren't Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 97

  • 1. I dare say it's all right. (say)
  • 2. How dare I lift my dissonant voice again? (how/I/lift/?)
  • 3. My guardians wish me to qualify myself for a political orator, and I daren't offend them by a refusal. (not/offend)
  • 4. I you what they were. (not/tell)
  • 5. I all that I think upon this occasion. (not/write)
  • 6. I she will be delighted. (say)
  • 7. I felt as if I to you. (not/speak)
  • 8. Confucius answered, I a glib tongue; but I hate stubbornness. (not/wag)
  • 9. I to our old gentleman. (not/trust)
  • 10. I the little Parmys, Cyrus' only grandchild, to leave me, and, much as Sappho loves you, you know she would not part from her child. (not/allow)
  • 11. between the people and these propositions? (you/stand/?)
  • 12. I desire to believe, but I , that Belisarius sincerely rejoiced in the triumph of Narses. (not/affirm)
  • 13. I'm ashamed to see our path, and the wallflowers are nearly choked, but I it. (not/do)
  • 14. There is a life within me that I . (not/enter)
  • 15. And now, since I wish your presence so much, in order to be able to give in an account, me? (how/you/deny/?)
  • 16. We up to day and its exposure each grief that lies buried deep in the grave of the mourner's heart. (not/drag)
  • 17. Mrs. Milliken before eleven. (not/come in)
  • 18. If you feel that you any, use crisco with salt. (not/use)
  • 19. I you're not well. (say)
  • 20. A poor wild-hay-man of the Rigiberg, Whose trade is, on the brow of the abyss, To mow the common grass from craggy shelves And nooks to which the cattle . (not/climb)

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