Do vs Does Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. He doesn't see it as we do.
  • 2. She does like you, you know.
  • 3. But why does he keep after me?
  • 4. I still think it will be good.
  • 5. You know him better than we .
  • 6. It me good to hear her.
  • 7. You do not know him as I .
  • 8. He has to do as they .
  • 9. If he you can show yourself.
  • 10. Why any woman love any man?
  • 11. We can't do the part he .
  • 12. What she think of it all?
  • 13. What you know about such things?
  • 14. Now what you make of that?
  • 15. you think we can do so?
  • 16. What you think we can do?
  • 17. What that man want with me?
  • 18. That's the way they it.
  • 19. How it come to be here?
  • 20. she know, do you think?

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