-ed -ing Adjectives Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 2,499

  • 1. I was very much pleased with him indeed; he showed a fine sense and a fine feeling in the whole matter. (pleased/pleasing)
  • 2. He had never asserted his greater muscular power and mastery of material things, and she was amazed to see that his lethargy was only a mood. (amazed/amazing)
  • 3. In 1550 Maurice of Saxony intrigues with the Protestants, and in the following year definitely goes over to their side. (followed/following)
  • 4. He read classical books, not only at Cambridge but in later life, when he was to find his scholarship equal to the task of translating. (pleased/pleasing)
  • 5. When such is the purpose of those who paint pictures and such is the understanding of those who buy them, it is not that not every picture is inevitably a work of art. (surprised/surprising)
  • 6. And the vision of Mrs Fyne dressed for a rather special afternoon function, engaged in wrestling with a wild-eyed, white- girl had a certain dramatic fascination. (faced/facing)
  • 7. But I was very much about the final disposal of her. (troubled/troubling)
  • 8. It was to see the speed he was able to force out of the unwieldy structure. (astonished/astonishing)
  • 9. Therefore it is not that the most of our captive birds have been chosen for their song. (surprised/surprising)
  • 10. I had taken up the matter merely out of good nature, but the old man was a character, and I soon became in his personality. (interested/interesting)
  • 11. He was to find himself out of the house; the door closed between them; no going back without ringing the bell. (frightened/frightening)
  • 12. There is no such thing in the States. (united/uniting)
  • 13. This problem has of necessity been solved by the designers of all nations and all periods, and it is to note that the result has everywhere been practically the same. (interested/interesting)
  • 14. And she thought with the tenderest possible affection of that upright figure buttoned up in a long frock-coat, soft- and having but little to say to his girl. (voiced/voicing)
  • 15. I'm of the white people. (tired/tiring)
  • 16. I'm of being good. (tired/tiring)
  • 17. I had not seen him for several years, and was to find him, under the weight of so many years, unchanged in activity and energy of body and mind. (surprised/surprising)
  • 18. My friend Eustace brought his gondolier Antonio with fair-haired, dark- wife, and little Attilio, their eldest child. (eyed/eyeing)
  • 19. In all commercial countries they had been resorted to as an instrument of great efficacy in mercantile transactions; and even in the States, their public and private advantages had been felt and acknowledged. (united/uniting)
  • 20. It is to note the various vicissitudes of the city in history. (interested/interesting)

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