Either Or Neither Nor Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 800

  • 1. A mere change in itself does not imply either progress or retrogression.
  • 2. Good manners are neither more less than beautiful behavior.
  • 3. But on this day there was shouting racing.
  • 4. Now in each of these sections there are one two points, each of which is called a focus, and these are indicated by conspicuous dots.
  • 5. I do not think men women have the same honest pride in our democracy that they had fifty years ago.
  • 6. The nation is now free to give itself a good government, with without a Bourbon; and France unsubdued, will still be a bridle on the enterprises of the combined powers, and a bulwark to others.
  • 7. In nine states the judges were elected by the state legislature, with without the consent of a council.
  • 8. It struck me as a good example of the cleverness that is so much more useful than genius industry.
  • 9. But do not mistake; not one of my tears falls for king queen.
  • 10. It still remains an authentic monument to contradict and confound those venal orators, who were too well satisfied with their own situation to discover vice misery under the government of a generous sovereign.
  • 11. The cloister has seven bays on each side, of which the five in the middle are nearly equal, having five six lights.
  • 12. Suddenly, with no warning whatever, for there was no suspicion on the part of officers men, the magnificent battleship was blown up.
  • 13. In about half an hour he returned to the helm again, and my fair cousin followed him, with without his permission.
  • 14. But that is here there now.
  • 15. He was perfectly calm, there was passion despair in his face, but the thoughtful look of a man who is considering.
  • 16. In modern usage the stanzas usually contain eight ten lines, and the envoy half as many as the stanza; but in earlier usage both stanza and envoy varied, and the latter might be omitted altogether.
  • 17. But he never overtook the mysterious giant, and his rheumatism, growing worse now that he was barred from the cure, soon made him daily less capable of running fighting.
  • 18. However, that is here there.
  • 19. If likely to spoil, slice and fry it, with without batter.
  • 20. Whatever you do, don't buy vase twelve eighteen inches high.

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