Ever Never Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I've been there ever since.
  • 2. And I have never seen them since.
  • 3. It was the first time she had ever said it.
  • 4. It would do to forget the bottles.
  • 5. was there a more stormy discussion.
  • 6. She had gone, but she had returned.
  • 7. in his life had he been so wretched.
  • 8. before had he seen so much gold.
  • 9. Well, she said a word.
  • 10. They waited, but he came.
  • 11. It would do to let him live.
  • 12. No, it would do to take the child.
  • 13. I shall forget it as long as I live.
  • 14. Was there such a bright play?
  • 15. You are the greatest man that lived.
  • 16. She was the best woman that lived.
  • 17. But I've seen atmosphere.
  • 18. I've been here since.
  • 19. I'm as live as .
  • 20. He could not be gone for .

Online Ever or Never Activities

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