First Conditional Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. He will get into trouble if he doesn't mind. (get into) (not/mind)
  • 2. If he doesn't smite he . (not/smite) (passive/smite)
  • 3. If I myself, he me on sight. (declare) (shoot)
  • 4. She is waiting for you to charm her, and if you she closer to the earth. (play) (come)
  • 5. You my heart if you . (break) (refuse)
  • 6. But if he thus he her! (go on) (kill)
  • 7. if I ? (what/you/say/?) (do)
  • 8. If the end me out all right, what is said against me to anything. (bring) (not/amount)
  • 9. If you you mischief. (succeed) (make)
  • 10. If you this not necessary, you of course the appointment. (think) (not/make)
  • 11. If you now, we you. (get out) (not/hurt)
  • 12. If you business, you a wife. (mean) (want)
  • 13. I you, if you upon it. (leave) (insist)
  • 14. If he dead, he . (not/be) (die)
  • 15. If you a hair of his head, it you your nose and ears! (touch) (cost)
  • 16. He the curse, if you ! (forget) (submit)
  • 17. If they him, they me, too. (hang) (hang)
  • 18. If you this, I your whole nation. (not/do) (destroy)
  • 19. I if I all the things I used to know. (try) (know)
  • 20. I plainer if you it. (speak) (wish)

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