First Conditional Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. If you want to go Sunday, we will go. (want) (go)
  • 2. And if I don't go, I cannot tell what will happen. (not/go) (happen)
  • 3. If you , they for you again. (do) (only/send)
  • 4. If I some jollification I . (not/hev) (bust)
  • 5. I a word if you all you have in the world. (not/say) (spend)
  • 6. If you not, I you. (have) (tell)
  • 7. If you yourself well, I your living. (conduct) (assure)
  • 8. You glad to have this line, if you from me again. (be) (not/hear)
  • 9. If you I for the consequences. (refuse) (not/answer)
  • 10. If he any danger, he and run around on top of the snow to get some of the seeds in the tops of the tall grasses that stick out through the snow. (not/see) (come out)
  • 11. You if you a minute. (remember) (think)
  • 12. If it a dollar it well. (bring) (do)
  • 13. And if they her, yet these at least together. (not/please) (hold)
  • 14. If you he you. (not/look out) (murder)
  • 15. I you if you the girl. (save) (give up)
  • 16. Well, if we something pretty soon we to turn back. (not/find) (have)
  • 17. If we against them they us. (fight) (crush)
  • 18. If you her, she herself. (not/cultivate) (assuredly/avenge)
  • 19. You if I you. (not/believe) (tell)
  • 20. Then if I you not to forget me, and you give me your word, I may be sure you it. (ask) (keep)

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