For Since Ago Until During Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 1,458

  • 1. It was not until he had made this movement that the real chill of horror gripped at his heart.
  • 2. During the next few days strange things happened.
  • 3. We have not seen him since his escape.
  • 4. When he was taken to the boat he was still confused in his ideas, and it was not they were nearly on board that he perceived that this young man was indeed at his side.
  • 5. A dreadful pause then followed, which no one dared to speak.
  • 6. He had been there the execution in the morning.
  • 7. So they turned to the left and marched for half a mile they came to a small but deep hole in the ground.
  • 8. We had never seen him his return.
  • 9. He was considerably changed that last night in Rome.
  • 10. This invariably happened the absence of the engineer.
  • 11. Shortly after his mother's death, which occurred when he was eighteen, he adopted the profession of arms, which he followed the remainder of his life, and in which, had circumstances permitted, he would probably have shone amongst the best.
  • 12. But it was not a week later that this miserable suspicion grew strong enough to find words.
  • 13. I have not seen any one days.
  • 14. I have had it three years.
  • 15. They rested the day, and travelled at night.
  • 16. I have hardly seen him my marriage.
  • 17. That was a great many years .
  • 18. I had not seen him a long time.
  • 19. It has been her character a long time.
  • 20. It's so long last night.

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