Future Perfect Simple Tense Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. In four weeks, what will he have spent? (what/he/spend/?)
  • 2. It is then external evidence will have ceased. (cease)
  • 3. You won't have forgotten the strange circumstances of his end, and I have not forgotten them either. (not/forget)
  • 4. themselves? (when/these clouds/empty/?)
  • 5. Still it to lead to truth. (help)
  • 6. You at full speed for half a league before you dismount to mend a trace or to breathe your horses. (not/gallop)
  • 7. You me mention the name before. (hear)
  • 8. You yourself to death! (believe)
  • 9. His writings you this. (show)
  • 10. He time to put it in his pocket. (not/have)
  • 11. Until when, only let your conduct be as fair as your speech, and I shall at all events hope that the maiden a bad choice. (not/make)
  • 12. They regarded life as a thing to be enjoyed-a vice you in the British. (not/notice)
  • 13. No matter: I shall have been more kind to those who utter them than they know of, for they the cause until they have read these lines. (not/know)
  • 14. She herself by then. (kill)
  • 15. Else you by the evening. (not/finish)
  • 16. the inscrutable effects of the sun, of the atmosphere of Spain? (you/grasp/?)
  • 17. But it will I think be good for me to have loved you; and if you will learn to think of it as I do, it bad for you. (not/be)
  • 18. I all my promises. (fulfill)
  • 19. I hope you the voyage. (enjoy)
  • 20. The reader his own conclusion. (form)

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