Future Perfect Simple Tense Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. They regarded life as a thing to be enjoyed-a vice you won't have noticed in the British. (notice)
  • 2. Although this kind of work does not create, yet who will say that it won't have accomplished much if it shall prove to be the first step that shall lead some student to devote his or her life to the sacred calling of art? (accomplish)
  • 3. My unnecessary expenditures won't have been in vain, if they serve as a finger-post to point others in a profitable way. (be)
  • 4. You picture of Malacca. (see)
  • 5. Then they with their buildings, but you with your secret history. (conquer)
  • 6. The first time the soup runs through it will be cloudy, because the filter made by the beef and egg at the bottom of the cloth. (settle)
  • 7. There is no danger in this, however, that the trunk will be found busy, because the master bar a position which would make it possible for any of the lines to appropriate this trunk during the intervening time. (occupy)
  • 8. They are some that were left from the time of my poor husband; he knew how to mend umbrellas, and most of these are broken and torn, and they certainly , lying on the dusty loft so long. (improve)
  • 9. You me rightly, however, if you suppose it my design to deny this thicket as the scene of the outrage. (apprehend)
  • 10. You at full speed for half a league before you dismount to mend a trace or to breathe your horses. (gallop)
  • 11. La Signora Gambara her time if she has gained the interest of a gentleman so generous as you appear to be. (waste)
  • 12. They , but you will have gone too far back among the spectres and illusions of detached things to know that they are calling. (change)
  • 13. Who knows if winged beings possession of the terrestrial empire? (take)
  • 14. It will be well to recall it, because it is quite certain that the Chinese themselves it. (forget)
  • 15. Else you by the evening. (finish)
  • 16. Legislation its work of extending protection of holidays, even when the limits have been widened to admit trading business. (complete)
  • 17. No matter: I shall have been more kind to those who utter them than they know of, for they the cause until they have read these lines. (know)
  • 18. For I know that if my regime is observed as I request that it be, you will show it, and if you neglect to follow my advice you the progress you should, and will show that. (make)
  • 19. True it is the enemy is retreating; but the night is half spent, and it may be that the last of the troops much before daylight. (go over)
  • 20. The appended documents will show why the nation its duty until justice has been done upon the murderers. (do)

Online Future Perfect Simple Tense Negative Form (won't have v3) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

80 future perfect negative online multiple choices exercises in 4 tests. Practice future perfect simple tense negative form online for exams, check your answers. Improve your English grammar with the interactive future perfect simple tense negative form (won't have v3) activities. Suitable for beginner, elementary and intermediate level learners.