Future Perfect Simple Tense Passive Voice Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 389

  • 1. And this too, it will have been seen, is provided at the expense of the animal food. (see)
  • 2. If well done, and the deed repeated a couple of days after, they will have been killed. (kill)
  • 3. But even a mother's indulgence has its bounds, and if ever you are seized with such another fit of madness in my presence, the last word will have been spoken between us two. (speak)
  • 4. Your father's body by then. (remove)
  • 5. But by looking at the planet for an hour at a time in the course of a few nights every side of it to view. (present)
  • 6. By that time most of the weeds which require attention during the early part of the season of. (dispose)
  • 7. If we have been able to remove from the minds of our readers vague and indefinite notions on the subject, and to put, in their place, something clearer and more distinct, our object thus far . (answer)
  • 8. He up by now, lock, stock, and barrel. (sell)
  • 9. On the other hand, the temperate productions, after migrating nearer to the equator, though they under somewhat new conditions, will have suffered less. (place)
  • 10. If that is achieved my object . (accomplish)
  • 11. If the improvement is not quite satisfactory, the last dose is continued several times every twelve or twenty-four hours, after which the proper effect . (obtain)
  • 12. Before many years have passed all of them beyond recognition. (modify)
  • 13. And if they induce others to seek that charm for themselves, my purpose . (attain)
  • 14. Probably our object . (gain)
  • 15. She may be unconscious of his intentions-he may not have any; and then she conspicuous for nothing! (make)
  • 16. All the other great capitals . (destroy)
  • 17. A great proportion of them are severely devoted to study, and I fear not to say, that within twelve or fifteen years from this time, a majority of the rulers of our State here. (educate)
  • 18. The course of his walk by a considerable to and fro of pleasure and business. (enliven)
  • 19. It is a remarkable evidence of the efficiency and economy of the American organization that this immense task in about six years of actual full-swing work. (complete)
  • 20. But before leaving the world of human life and action I wish to make sure that at least one wrong which came about through me by me. (repair)

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