Future Perfect Simple Tense Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 10

  • 1. The most generous nation on the earth will have ceased to obey the call of noble instincts. (cease)
  • 2. If it does, we will meet it like men; but it may not bring on war, and then the experiment will have been a happy one. (be)
  • 3. The weeds thus treated die, and in about three weeks the grass will have grown, and there will not be a vestige of disturbance left. (grow)
  • 4. Then you your part and earned my gratitude completely. (play)
  • 5. I would give a year of life to know what you of your freedom and your religion two hundred years hence! (make)
  • 6. And you believe it all the more because she your heart with a delicate touch, and have asked you your secrets; she affects ignorance, to learn everything; there are some things she never knows, not even when she knows them. (sound)
  • 7. In six months we enough. (have)
  • 8. The fire this house before midnight. (take)
  • 9. If it is loyal we . (win)
  • 10. Why, man, he a hundred cases between now and then. (try)
  • 11. They back to their own place. (go)
  • 12. When they have taken up a book, that book becomes the fashion; and if it is something really good for once, they it to be a work of genius without knowing it. (declare)
  • 13. Meanwhile, you for the race. (enter)
  • 14. My case is thrown exclusively upon the independent voters of the country; and, if elected, they a favor on me for which I shall be unremitting in my labors to compensate. (confer)
  • 15. You me by then. (forget)
  • 16. By this time an abundance of spores . (form)
  • 17. And if you do this, I and my sons justice at your hands. (receive)
  • 18. Then, if you should unluckily fail to secure any one of the things needed, I no time. (lose)
  • 19. Then she to work. (learn)
  • 20. Still it to lead to truth. (help)

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