Future Simple Tense (will) Passive Voice Exercises - Test 1

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  • 1. The matter will be brought to his attention. (bring)
  • 2. These important details will be considered at another point. (consider)
  • 3. There you will be led before the throne. (lead)
  • 4. I by my own child. (not/interrupt)
  • 5. They in the rights of man. (found)
  • 6. I you are. (bind)
  • 7. His act as just. (regard)
  • 8. Its form from the sketch. (understand)
  • 9. It in its proper place. (notice)
  • 10. The whole community by it. (affect)
  • 11. No attacks below the knees. (make)
  • 12. I , I say. (hear)
  • 13. You before my eyes. (kill)
  • 14. But you the pain. (spare)
  • 15. I'm sure he . (drown)
  • 16. However, this policy . (not/adopt)
  • 17. He if he doesn't. (ruin)
  • 18. You up. (not/lock)
  • 19. They in the following table. (find)
  • 20. In that time the whole question . (determine)

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