Future Simple Tense Question Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 119

  • 1. Won't the bank take it, or anybody? (the bank/not/take)
  • 2. Tell me, how long will it be before the will is opened? (how long/it/be)
  • 3. Which party will they prefer to believe? (which party/they/prefer)
  • 4. for such books? (where/you/look)
  • 5. when I can rule over England and unite my people? (the time/never/come)
  • 6. with us, James? (you/go)
  • 7. before my spear? (none of them/stand)
  • 8. me where this question may be found fully discussed; and where mention is made of the earliest known divisions of the law? (any one/kindly/inform)
  • 9. the tribes of the Wyandots have become? (what/our fathers/think)
  • 10. upon her fears-her fears of my ghost-to make her seek refuge with another? (you/work)
  • 11. it out in time? (we/find)
  • 12. when she knows? (what/she/say)
  • 13. three hundred for the boat? (you/take)
  • 14. me from it in your thoughts? (you/not/separate)
  • 15. me to do so now? (you/allow)
  • 16. it with me? (you/not/share)
  • 17. it to me now? (you/give)
  • 18. it at that? (you/not/leave)
  • 19. time to drink a cup of tea with me? (you/have)
  • 20. strength fail, health break, madness creep close? (you/not/feel)

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