Gerund Verbs Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. Do you mind telling me her name? (tell)
  • 2. Finding him decided, I avoided entering into argument with him on those points. (enter)
  • 3. However, they would never consider starting from our house. (start)
  • 4. I can't understand any one in that way. (treat)
  • 5. You won't mind a little while. (wait)
  • 6. It was evident that she feared the reason. (discover)
  • 7. I enjoy about these wonderful dogs. (write)
  • 8. Movement in any direction suggested on a huge ball. (walk)
  • 9. I practiced the ship through maneuvers. (take)
  • 10. I couldn't resist in my oar. (stick)
  • 11. I wouldn't risk with the lock. (tamper)
  • 12. She loathed another minute in it. (stay)
  • 13. I enjoyed and at them. (listen) (look)
  • 14. They kept on the flight of birds. (study)
  • 15. I don't see anything that I can do, save in my former course. (go on)
  • 16. He avoids them too long at the same movement, although each should be understood before passing to another. (keep)
  • 17. It is scarcely possible to avoid the eye to a telescope. (compare)
  • 18. She could not imagine to the play but to a good box, at her own command, and in a carriage to take her there. (go)
  • 19. Was he so sure that he should enjoy clothes again? (wear)
  • 20. He narrowly escaped in the blood. (drown)

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