Get Used To Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. Well, you may laugh, but the world hasn't got used to good clothes yet. (present perfect)
  • 2. They're used to being jealous of one another, but this has knocked them silly and they can't get used to it. (can)
  • 3. Things is ever so much better now, only Miriam can't get used to the improvements. (can)
  • 4. Began at the bottom-as if they were in training for the presidency, you know-the mother it as much as the father. (present perfect)
  • 5. Poor little orphans, they their changed conditions! (could)
  • 6. I have been accustomed to live in a family, and I this life. (can)
  • 7. He the thought that she had really left him, and as though still searching for some message, some reason, some reading of all the mystery of his married life, he began opening every recess and drawer. (could)
  • 8. He had been on my watch, and I the idea that he wasn't about decks with me. (could)
  • 9. Their parting had been so unexpected a one, that she it, or believe it was anything else but a painful dream. (could)
  • 10. Lydia just these quarters, and they had been here now three months. (could)
  • 11. She just the fact that she was engaged to such a prince among men! (could)
  • 12. The older I grow, the more of an alien I find myself in the world; I it, cannot believe that it is real. (can)
  • 13. We it for some reason. (could)
  • 14. But Harry it. (could)
  • 15. Accustomed to the low-hung grays and struggling sunbeams of southern England, Imogen these novelties. (could)
  • 16. Lars Peter the horse work for others, and it cut him to the heart that it should have to work so hard. (could/see)
  • 17. I that strange rattle. (can)
  • 18. Though they were my size, I them, and they burned and blistered my heels so that I could hardly walk. (could)
  • 19. He the idea of this man, whom he had always thought of as the arch-stereotype Sov-world officer, speaking in this manner. (could)
  • 20. I suppose you have to be self-centred to succeed; and then somehow, they the little things. (can)

Online Get Used To Negative Form Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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