Get Used To Positive Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 10

  • 1. He knew how hard it would be for a man like Mitya to pass at once so suddenly into the society of robbers and murderers, and that he must get used to it by degrees. (must)
  • 2. That's the funny thing: a feller can get used to anything. (can)
  • 3. It takes so long to get used to the tide. (indefinite)
  • 4. It took his eyes some moments the light, until he could make out the form of a man on the bed before him. (indefinite)
  • 5. People the smaller shells, which could often be dodged; besides, the enemy did not fire so many of them. (past perfect)
  • 6. His death, however, was kept secret for a whole month, so that the people would have time a new leader, and not be afraid to fight without their former general. (indefinite)
  • 7. He it, or thought he was, all but his wordy remonstrances. (past continuous)
  • 8. It takes a long time this sight, especially as the nose is made still more conspicuous by being painted with a bright red stripe on its point, and two black ones on each side. (indefinite)
  • 9. They each other, as Jack expressed it, and that served to keep them together when the law did not interfere to keep them apart. (past perfect)
  • 10. But I suppose I it. (shall)
  • 11. Give yourself time things again, and don't ask for anything out of reason. (indefinite)
  • 12. Even the Deacon this noisy salutation to the morn, and he watched the shells strike harmlessly in the distance with little tremor of his nerves. (past continuous)
  • 13. I them; and the most formidable of all, the biggest bug of Metaphysics, the Problem which nonplusses the wisest heads on this Planet, has become quite a familiar companion of mine. (present perfect)
  • 14. Remember, I want time happiness-it does not come all at once; and we can see each other every day till then-at first for a minute, and then for two, and then forever. (indefinite)
  • 15. He needs time the idea of being a millionaire. (indefinite)
  • 16. It took me years on Earth all this water around, it seemed unnatural and dangerous to have it all lying loose that way, but now I shall miss even the Sea. (indefinite)
  • 17. She was sort of skeary-like when she first came into the country; but she it. (present perfect)
  • 18. It took some time my environment, and from first to last I was never wholly relaxed, or quite unconscious of what would happen if a chair-leg broke, or a bamboo fell across the outhouse. (indefinite)
  • 19. Not that I hadn't had time the treatment; every man in my corps gets a full dose of awe and respect from the services, from Government officials and even from the United Cabinets. (indefinite)
  • 20. He'd be having all those things, under Uncle Chandler's roof: he them and he'd expect them. (would)

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