Had Better Negative Form Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. And Ann perhaps had better not be present. (be)
  • 2. I don't wish, however, to say a word against any one; I only wish to give you a hint that you had better not go so often up yonder. (go)
  • 3. You had better not keep him waiting. (keep)
  • 4. Then I think I my worried mind yet awhile. (worry)
  • 5. Philip suggested that perhaps she after all; he didn't believe girls ever did go into such places. (go in)
  • 6. I think you her. (see)
  • 7. Still, if you ever intend to possess it, you time. (waste)
  • 8. She so certainly-yes, she would add something that would leave the question more open. (write)
  • 9. You them too far. (press)
  • 10. Perhaps they about rooms; not till Lucy was stronger. (talk)
  • 11. We them come alongside. (let)
  • 12. Besides, if the papers are valuable, you them to the mails. (trust)
  • 13. You till it bees night. (wait)
  • 14. She was so good, so sensible, and so true, that she knew she herself a party to such a bargain. (make)
  • 15. I could not argue with you; I . (try)
  • 16. If she does not love you, you her. (marry)
  • 17. He me any offensive airs! (show)
  • 18. But-I think I him home with me. (bring)
  • 19. George might have answered that he already belonged to one army, and did not feel like joining another, but he naturally thought he this. (mention)
  • 20. But you with all these ways of painting. (bother)

Online Had Better Negative Form (hadn't better / had better not) Exercises - Quizzes with Answers

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