Have vs Has Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 10,355

  • 1. He has to do as they do.
  • 2. She has so many things to tell.
  • 3. I have heard about it so much.
  • 4. We had enough of this.
  • 5. No one come to see me.
  • 6. I done that for you.
  • 7. It been so for several days.
  • 8. I think I seen you there.
  • 9. Money nothing to do with it.
  • 10. Where he been all this time?
  • 11. But he always been this way.
  • 12. And it no voice to speak.
  • 13. She no other name than that.
  • 14. We had enough of that.
  • 15. He the body, but not the heart.
  • 16. You nothing to do with this.
  • 17. It been here a long time.
  • 18. You the right to do it.
  • 19. But it been the end of him.
  • 20. I don't know what I against him.

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