Have Has Got Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I have got you as tight as tight.
  • 2. You have only got at the beginning of things. (only)
  • 3. But that was not quite true, for here I am, and he hasn't yet got a wife. (not/yet)
  • 4. He has got a long view of things.
  • 5. a splay-foot, red hair, and a crooked back? (she/?)
  • 6. You talk, and you make a man believe you something he ? (not)
  • 7. We a good long ride before us.
  • 8. But a lot of moons, or something like that? (not/Mars/?)
  • 9. O, grandpapa, never mind, it is almost well now; and her hat? (Aunt Daisy/?)
  • 10. You've your duty to do, and I mine.
  • 11. I this fellow by the eye!
  • 12. I know I it in me.
  • 13. What I want to know is, a disease? (my wife/?)
  • 14. I all day to wait, either. (not)
  • 15. common sense enough to know that it is not absolutely necessary to have a voice to be a singer? (not/you fellows/?)
  • 16. some milk chocolate and Ulika biscuits? (not/we/?)
  • 17. I it on me, truly. (not)
  • 18. That she , but she would have it the next time. (past/not)
  • 19. I a thousand and one important cousins! (not)
  • 20. a place to lock the stuff? (you/?)

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