Have Has Got Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 125

  • 1. And I guess from what I saw of him, and all I've heard about his wife, that he doesn't have a very happy time at home, either. (not)
  • 2. It has got its own laws.
  • 3. Does an influx of capital have a similar comprehensive meaning, and does an improvement in the method of producing some commodity mean a change in the mode of making it in every part of the world where it is produced at all? (an influx of capital/?)
  • 4. She knew also that he it. (not/past)
  • 5. He it hidden somewhere.
  • 6. I the most wonderful dress.
  • 7. They this law in Texas. (not)
  • 8. that red hair and those wonderful Irish eyes? (where in the world/she/past/?)
  • 9. a backache like the dragging, pulling, tearing ache of a woman? (a man/ever/past/?)
  • 10. They long to wait for an answer. (not/past)
  • 11. I dare say he home yet. (not)
  • 12. I time for you then. (not/past)
  • 13. a bit more out of the Michelcoombe woman and cleared out? (he/?)
  • 14. You it in your hand still.
  • 15. He law and order in his soul.
  • 16. us down on the mat with our wind shut off and our pockets inside out; or is it just campaign piffle? (the big money bunch/?)
  • 17. this effect on the ball? (why/the heat/?)
  • 18. I all my letters written. (not)
  • 19. They their eyes open.
  • 20. the same antecedents as any Hottentot? (a Goethe/?)

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