Have Has Got Question Form Exercises - Test 1

Completion count: 251

  • 1. Didn't you ever have a cake? (you/not/ever/past)
  • 2. Hasn't he got money enough? (he/not)
  • 3. How much did we have when we were married? (how much/we/past)
  • 4. Laura had replied that perhaps it was not absolutely necessary that she should come to dinner-she could dine early, with the children; and that if her presence in the drawing-room should be required the children had their nurse-and their nurse for? (what/they/past)
  • 5. it in his cabinet? (why/the Prince/past)
  • 6. any one with her? (she/past)
  • 7. great reforms? (under what kings/Judah/past)
  • 8. all this? (where/the girl/past)
  • 9. him all the voyage? (you/past)
  • 10. any bad habits? (this gentleman/past)
  • 11. its flaws? (her own spirit/not/past)
  • 12. many friends at Headingly? (you/past)
  • 13. another spell last night? (he/past)
  • 14. as much as he claimed he would soon have been enormously enriched by the loss of his property! (he/always/past)
  • 15. his hand into the treasury of the theatre, so that he may be able to help you so conveniently? (how/he)
  • 16. flowers worked over it with a needle? (my best dress/past)
  • 17. any better place to sleep in than that? (she/not)
  • 18. a Florida plantation and a Georgia plantation? (he/not/past)
  • 19. for mistrusting the charming little Egyptian merchant? (what basis/he/past)
  • 20. your picture taken? (you/ever/past)

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