Have vs Has Negative Form Exercises - Quiz 1

  • 1. I haven't seen you in many years.
  • 2. I haven't seen any one for days.
  • 3. This man hasn't done any real harm.
  • 4. People thought about the matter.
  • 5. And she to talk.
  • 6. It been that at all.
  • 7. She been here for a long time.
  • 8. But she gone back home.
  • 9. But we seen that.
  • 10. He been home all night.
  • 11. I and I don't.
  • 12. It been done in the past.
  • 13. I been here for some time.
  • 14. It to look at.
  • 15. You know he a good ear.
  • 16. You the money to find him.
  • 17. He been himself for a long time.
  • 18. No, they found him.
  • 19. We heard from him since.
  • 20. You had time to think.

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