Have To Exercises - Test 1

  • 1. Would they have to set it back that far? (they/would/set/?)
  • 2. We didn't have to whistle any more. (past/not/whistle)
  • 3. Well, he would have to tell a lie. (would/tell)
  • 4. You mean that I my bread. (not/earn)
  • 5. It should be so arranged that the negro in the city his children in the alleys and in the streets. (not/raise)
  • 6. I business with this. (mean)
  • 7. I her right in the face. (look)
  • 8. Wait till you hear what I . (say)
  • 9. He needs a head, and he it. (use)
  • 10. Of course, she her mistake. (would/learn)
  • 11. They to each other. (would/speak)
  • 12. I was not criticising you, and I why. (not/tell)
  • 13. The young hunters long. (past/not/wait)
  • 14. It is not a law they . (laugh)
  • 15. He very far. (past/not/go)
  • 16. I lessons and things. (not/do)
  • 17. I'm glad I in love with anybody, and become a snob! (not/be)
  • 18. I so cheap. (shall/be)
  • 19. Fortunately Beth came up to us, and I . (past/not/explain)
  • 20. But we up the whole thing; there'll be enough to make a decent showing and lend an air of truth to that telegram of ours. (not/work)

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